Sale Ann Michell Sunshine Line Long Torso Waist Cincher -  34
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We live in a society where whether we like to admit it or not clothing plays a major role in the way we perceive a person. Women feel the pressure of having a certain body shape similar to the harsh standards imposed by models. However, not all of us can follow a strict diet or hit the gym on a regular basis. Family life comes with certain restrictions and after taking care of kids and taking care of the home, it is hard to find free time to take care of our body. 

Fortunately, the best waist cincher is the right solution for all women who want to look good in any types of clothes. 
This is 3 rows classic waist cincher. Please Do Not Use Your Regular Clothing Size. Kindly use the size chart to select the right size. This is not a corset, it's a latex waist cincher. Our latex waist cinchers contain flexible wires (Not Steel Rods) for easy movement. The three hook waist cinchers are among the most popular products in our catalogue. Designed for longer torsos, these cinchers come in various sizes. With the finest material for comfort and high quality stitching for durability, these affordable waist cinchers are bound to offer you the best value for your money. 

This Latex waist cincher is made with rubber and cotton. Used for 2-6 hours a day (according to your comfort level) to help you sweat and burn fat as well as correct your posture. It is for individuals with long torso sizes (12" front and 10" back) and also highly recommended for woman with lower belly fat or has just put to bed. With proper diet and moderate exercise you can lose up to 4 inches in your mid section in less than 30 days. 
This product contains latex. If you suspect you are allergic to latex, we strongly suggest you do not purchase or stop use immediately.

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